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About Wrestling Canada Lutte

About Us

Wrestling Canada Lutte is the national sport governing body for Olympic style wrestling in Canada. Among its responsibilities, the association selects and prepares Canada’s teams that participate in international competitions including Continental Championships, World Championships and major multi-sport Games (ie. Olympic Games).

Who we serve

Wrestling Canada Lutte serves a number of stakeholders to further its mission. The organization is committed to working in closer alignment with its provincial and territorial partners to deliver world-class programs and services to athletes, coaches, and officials. Wrestling Canada Lutte recognizes the significant contribution that the secondary and post-secondary school system makes to the growth of the sport and will continue to strengthen the relationship it has with these academic institutions.

What we do

The National Office of Wrestling Canada Lutte, in partnership with provincial and territorial wrestling organizations, provides a number of core services and programs to its members, in carrying out its mission. In addition, the National Office often plays a leadership role in advancing the sport of wrestling both domestically and internationally.

Wrestling Canada Lutte has confirmed the following six long-term strategic goals that it will continue to work towards achieving:

  • Coordinating and assisting wrestlers, coaches, managers, trainers and officials in the pursuit of excellence in wrestling, regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally.
  • Promoting the sport of amateur wrestling in Canada through its members and to the public at large.
  • Unifying the sport of wrestling by providing the necessary leadership.
  • Encouraging and developing the widest participation and highest proficiency in Olympic wrestling in Canada.
  • Managing and governing the organization according to best practices and industry standards.
  • Improving the skill and technical knowledge of wrestlers, coaches, managers, trainers and officials in Canada.


Wrestling Canada’s vision is … to be a leading national sport organization in Canada.

 The wrestling community came together to share its thoughts on what they hoped to achieve by 2020. The message was clear… to be a domestic leader in growing the sport of wrestling … to be recognized by the sport community as a leader among other national sport organizations … it means performing on the world stage. It means being able to adapt, manage risks, and embrace change. It means communicating the value of wrestling to members and supporters. It means staying focused on the end game.


A mission statement clearly articulates what the organization does and for whom it serves. It provides a connecting force to remind stakeholders what the organization stands for.

Working in collaboration with our partners, Wrestling Canada Lutte supports the development and growth of wrestling in Canada. We provide athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and staff with the programs and services they need to succeed from playground to podium.


Values are statements of belief that express what an organization most believes in. Values serve as a connecting force that can guide how decisions are made within organizations. As passionate champions for their sport, the Wrestling Canada Lutte Board, staff and members are proud to live these values everyday – on and off the mat:


  • We are proactive
  • We are accountable
  • We invest in our people


  • We continuously improve
  • We are fiscally responsible
  • We compete to win


  • We are fair
  • We embrace diversity
  • We are transparent


  • We speak with one voice
  • We respect our roles
  • We work together

Strategic Directions and Expected Targets / Objectives to 2016

Wrestling Canada Lutte came together over various timeframes during the strategic planning process to determine what the organization should focus on over the next several years to achieve its vision and fulfill its mission and what it hoped to achieve by 2016.

The strategic directions are defined as the critical areas of priority in fulfilling Wrestling Canada Lutte’s mission, achieving our vision, and living our values. The following four strategic directions reflect what the wrestling community strongly believes is required for success, providing a clear direction of where the organization is headed over the next four years, with an overarching goal of becoming a leading national sport organization in Canada.

STRATEGIC DIRECTION 1 – Achieve podium excellence


Over the next four years, the organization is committed to ensuring that the success obtained from the women’s program is maintained, ensuring that female wrestlers continue to contribute to Canadian success during the Olympic Games and World Championships. The community was clear in its commitment to strengthen the men’s program so that it too regains international podium success. A solid high performance program is required to support wrestling’s continued podium success and the organization is committed to institute the right structure and system to foster and sustain a culture of performance excellence.

STRATEGIC DIRECTION 2 – Institute optimal governance and management systems

Increasing transparency is something the wrestling community indicated will be important for the organization to demonstrate moving forward and will allow for more meaningful interaction among key stakeholders. Adopting good business practices that will allow the organization to manage risks, strengthen its financial picture, incorporate performance measurement in priority areas, and develop a strengthened membership program are also areas of organizational focus.

In addition, Wrestling Canada Lutte will need to make significant changes to its bylaws and governance models in order to be compliant with the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act by 2014. Sport Canada’s governance principles may be a helpful starting point when determining the best possible governance structure to allow the organization to meet the needs of its stakeholders, while respecting the significant changes that have occurred in the environment.

STRATEGIC DIRECTION 3 – Develop wrestling

Wrestling Canada Lutte will focus on implementing Long-Term Athlete Development in collaboration with its partners. It will focus on ensuring that coaches and officials have access to the training and education they need to meet the demands of athletes. Strengthening the capacity of wrestling clubs and supporting the growth of wrestling in schools are key factors in connecting grass-roots to high performance.

STRATEGIC DIRECTION 4 – Promote wrestling

Wrestling Canada Lutte is committed to strengthening the wrestling brand and to working closely with its partners to promote and communicate more effectively. The organization is committed to maintaining the support of existing sponsors and supporters while attracting new ones to the table. It recognizes that it will play a coordinating role in growing the brand and increasing the profile and visibility of the sport to the benefit of all.

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