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Skill Awards Program


This program is an updated version of the “Canadian Wrestling Skill Awards Program” that was developed and implemented by Olympic wrestling coach, Nick Cipriano and the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association.

The Wrestling Skill Awards Program was conceived with the intention of improving the general standard of wrestling. The updated version is designed to introduce the sport to a novice group of participants and make them aware of the attributes of the sport. An outcome of this standardized learning of technical skills is movement into the club/school wrestling development system.

The program is presented in three progressive levels (bronze, silver and gold). Each level contains specific skills and related games and exercises that will assist in the overall development of muscular endurance, coordination, balance, speed, flexibility and body awareness. All skills and exercises are well illustrated in a series of photos. The lessons have been designed in a convenient 50-minute to 1 hour in length format with a series of lesson plans for each skill level. Test forms are provided at the completion of each level to facilitate the evaluation of the participant on their acquisition of each skill and fitness development.

Upon completing the three levels, the participant will have a good basic comprehension of the wrestling skills so that they may successfully join a local school or club team and learn how to effectively apply the learned skills in a match environment.

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