Canadian Athlete Insurance Program (CAIP)
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Canadian Athlete Insurance Program (CAIP)


The Canadian Athlete Insurance Program (CAIP), provided by SSQ Insurance and facilitated by M Kirsch Financial Services, has become well recognized in providing the most comprehensive insurance protection for sport accident and overuse injuries to Canada’s athletes while “In Canada” and “Outside Canada”.

Wrestling Canada Lutte subscribes to both “In Canada” and “Outside Canada” coverage for National Team athletes. Athletes have individualized renewal dates for a one year enrollment period (one full calendar year), based on the first enrollment date in the program. At the completion of the one year period, coverage limits may be reset based on athlete status and access to services may begin again.

Please email Scott Vass directly for information on your individual start-finish dates for the year.

Information regarding CAIP is outlined below, including: coverage limits, links to accidental medical and dental forms and how to properly utilize the service. The limits detailed below are for one calendar year.

More detailed information and all forms can be found on the CAIP website.

1. Overuse Insurance: Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Orthotics

Overuse Insurance




Coverage (bronze level)








Who can fill out ‘Attending Physician Section’ of Form



Athletic Therapist

Physician only

Physician Only

Form Used

Proof of Loss – Accidental Medical Sports Insurance


Submitting a claim using the ‘Proof of Loss – Accidental Medical’ Form:

  1. Athlete fills out and signs the ‘Insured Statement Section’
  2. Coach fills out and signs ‘Club Section’
  3. Physician, athletic therapist or physiotherapists fills out and signs the ‘Attending Physician Statement Section’
  4. Athlete pays for service rendered.
  5. Athlete sends in receipt(s) and claim form to SSQ Insurance address or top left of form OR claims can be scanned and submitted electronically to: [email protected]

Notes on using ‘Overuse Insurance’:

  1. Only one claim form needs to be submitted per calendar year.  Once you have submitted one claim form for the year, you can continue to send in receipts without having to have multiple forms filled out.
  2. If you are submitting for chiropractic therapy or orthotics, the ‘Attending Physician Statement’ MUST be filled out by a physician.  If you are just submitting for physio or massage, this section can be filled out by a physiotherapist or athletic therapist.

Proof of Loss Form:  Accidental Medical Sports Insurance (Massage/Physio/Orthotics)

2. Accidental Medical Insurance – MRI and Braces

In the case of a traumatic injury, other services such as hospital charges, prescription drugs, medical equipment (braces, etc.) and other paramedical services may be covered or partially covered.  Please contact Scott Vass directly if more information is needed or read pages 4 and 5 of the ‘Insurance Policy – In Canada’ document on the CAIP website.

The two most common claims by our athletes are for (1) private MRI and (2) post-surgical bracing.  For bronze coverage, medical imagining (MRI, CAT/Bone scan, x-ray, etc) is covered to a maximum of $500 and braces are covered to a maximum of $1,000.  In both of these cases, a ‘Proof of Loss – Accidental Medical’ Form should be submitted following the steps in the ‘Overuse Insurance’ section.  However, the ‘Attending Physician’ section can only be filled out by a medical doctor and must clearly state the nature of the injury and the specific need for the scans and/or bracing.


3. Accidental Dental Insurance

In the case of an accidental blow to the mouth during practice or competition the insurance will cover up to $1,000 in dental expenses.

Submitting a claim using the ‘Proof of Loss – Accidental Dental’ Form:

  1. Athlete fills out and signs the ‘Insured Statement Section’
  2. Coach fills out and signs ‘Club Section’
  3. Dentist fills out and signs Part 1 & Part 2 of the dentist report on back of page.
  4. Athlete pays for service rendered.
  5. Athlete sends in receipt(s) and claim form to SSQ Insurance address or top left of form OR claims can be scanned and submitted electronically to: [email protected]

Proof of Loss Form:  Accidental Dental


4. Out of Canada Insurance

Out of Canada insurance is 24 hours a day insurance protection for emergency medical and hospital care, emergency dental treatment, evacuation, repatriation and family transportation & accommodation benefits as the result of an injury or sickness.

Outside Canada coverage also includes The Travel Assistance Program, which provides international emergency assistance to CAIP members when travelling outside Canada.

The membership card should be carried by all athletes when travelling outside of Canada.


Other important points:

  • Please do not wait to submit claims to SSQ Insurance Company.  They would prefer if you can to submit the completed claim form together with the receipts within 90 days from the date of accident / overuse injury or the date you received the first treatment for your injury.
  • If there are additional receipts relating to the same claim, the claim form does not have to be completed again.  You can simply send the subsequent receipts to SSQ Insurance Company with a covering letter noting all your contact information.  This will allow the insurance company to easily locate your file and process your claim in a timely manner.  You can use the attached (Additional Receipt Letter) form if you wish.
  • At some point, the claims adjuster may ask for an updated claim form.  The claims adjuster will advise.
  • Please try to keep copies of the claim form and receipts before submitting to SSQ Insurance Company.
  • Please note that the “Consent to collect, use and disclose personal information form” may be required by the claims adjuster to obtain personal information for a particular claim.  The claims adjuster will advise if this form is needed.
  • DIRECT DEPOSIT:  You can receive your payment by direct deposit, otherwise payment will be mailed to you via cheque. In order to take advantage of this you will need the following:
    • The original of the ‘Direct Deposit Form’ completed and signed
    • Copy of your cheque marked ‘VOID’
    • Both sent with the claim form and receipts to SSQ by mail
  • PAYMENT DIRECTLY TO WRESTLING CANADA LUTTE: There may be instances where Wrestling Canada Lutte needs to pay your invoices for you.  In this situation you will be required to furnish SSQ Insurance with a “Letter of Authorization” allowing them to reimburse Wrestling Canada Lutte directly to recoup expenses.


If you have any questions about using CAIP, please contact:

Scott Vass MHK, RK, CSCS
Integrated Support Team Coordinator
Cell: (778) 385-2540
Email: [email protected]



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