Physiology and Strength & Conditioning
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Physiology and Strength & Conditioning

Wrestling Physical Qualities Data Sheet

The physical qualities data sheet is a breakdown of all the test results performed throughout the year and at the TOPS camp. Each test measures the physical qualities (body composition, strength, power, agility, anaerobic power and aerobic conditioning) that are important for success as a wrestler. The results are broken down into weight categories and show the high, the low and the average result for each test. This will give each wrestler an indication of where they are in comparison to others in their weight category. Each wrestler should strive to improve all aspects of their physical conditioning in order to maximize their on-mat performances.

Body Composition

Wrestling, a sport where “making weight” is critical, knowledge of one’s body composition is extremely valuable in the weight cut process.  This will help determine the appropriate weight category to wrestle in, and also will determine the duration of a safe and effective “cut”. The goal of the process is to decrease body fat while maintaining lean body mass.  Decreases in lean body mass can lead to decreases in strength and power.


Wrestling is a physical, aggressive, contact sport, where high levels of both absolute and relative strength are required to enhance performance.


Power is measured on the force plates, in both a static squat jump and a counter movement jump. In simple terms, Power=Force x Velocity, which is demonstrated in wrestling during throws and take downs. In order to effectively execute a skill such as a double leg take down, the wrestler needs to generate high levels of force in a short of time as possible.


The 5-0-5 tests, is a measure of the wrestlers agility. This is more an indication of the wrestler’s general athleticism, having to change directions quickly in a confined space.

Anaerobic Power

The RHIET test (repeated high intensity exercise test) is an anaerobic test, which reflects wrestlers’ specific work capacity, their ability to generate high workloads under conditions of fatigue.

Aerobic Conditioning

The Yo-Yo Intermittent Endurance Test, measures wrestlers’ ability to compete over a prolonged period of time, and reflects their ability to recover during a match and throughout a tournament.

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