National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)
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National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is Canada’s recognized standard for coach training and certification. More than one million coaches have participated in the NCCP since it began in the 1970s, making it one of the largest adult education programs in Canada.


Trained vs. Certified

The NCCP model distinguishes between training and certification. Coaches can participate in training opportunities to acquire or refine the skills and knowledge required for a particular coaching context (i.e. Competition-Introduction) as defined by the sport and be considered “trained”.

To become “certified” in a coaching context, coaches must be evaluated on their demonstrated ability to perform within that context in areas such as program design, practice planning, performance analysis, program management, ethical coaching, support to participants during training, and support to participants in competition.

NCCP coaches are described as follows:

In Training – when they have completed some of the required training for a context;
Trained – when they have completed all required training for a context;
Certified – when they have completed all evaluation requirements for a context.


Wrestling Specific Training

Wrestling Canada Lutte offers the following NCCP workshops:




Kids Wrestling (Community Sport): If you want to teach basic wrestling skills to ‘grass root’ participants (ages 14 and under), this 1.5 day interactive workshop is for you. Developed for elementary and high school teachers, parents, or volunteers, as well as for municipal recreation program officers, this LTAD based workshop will enable you to coach wrestling basics in a fun and safe environment.



Competition-Introduction Part 1:
This 16-hour interactive course is all about teaching athletes the basic skills of the sport for low-level competitions. It is an introduction to effective coaching, planning practices, and ethical decision making, and has 6 hours of integrated content from the Wrestling CanCoach Level 1 technical component.


Competition-Introduction Part 2: Complementary to Part 1, this 20-hour high-performance based course is targeted towards coaches in the secondary education system and/or a competition-based club development program. Topics such as designing sport programs, basic mental skills, and teaching skills will be covered, integrating 7 hours of content from the Wrestling CanCoach Level 2 technical component.


Competition-Development: under development.


Advanced Coaching Diploma: The Advanced Coaching Diploma (ACD) is the pinnacle of a coaches’ education in the National Coaching Certification Program. ACD coaches are recognized as being among the most qualified coaches and leaders of athletes and sport programs provincially, nationally and internationally. Please visit the Advanced Coaching Diploma page for more information.


To see when these clinics are being offered in your region, please contact your Provincial / Territorial Sport Organization.


Coach Developer Training

Who coaches the coaches? NCCP Coach Developers do. NCCP Coach Developers include Learning Facilitators (LFs), Coach Evaluators (CEs), and Master Coach Developers (MCDs).

The typical pathway for someone who wants to be a Coach Developer involves the following steps:



Coach Developer candidates must complete rigorous training, and this training is now being made consistent across Canada. For more information on Coach Developer Training, please visit:

Coaching Resources

Coaching Certification Requirements for Canadian Wrestling Championships

NCCP Operations Manual (FORTHCOMING)

List of Facilitators and Evaluators (FORTHCOMING)

Coaching Association of Canada (CAC)

“My Locker”

Multi-Sport Training

Maintenance of Certification (Professional Development)

Make Ethical Decisions

Coaching Code of Ethics


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