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Bob McLeod Scholarship

Bob McLeod

The Bob McLeod Scholarship is in memory of Bob McLeod who passed away suddenly in Ottawa while attending the Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association spring Executive meeting in 1985. Mr. McLeod had volunteered many years to serve as Treasurer of the Association at the time of his death. He commanded the respect and trust of all in the national wrestling association. Mr. McLeod was a chartered accountant who resided in Fredericton, New Brunswick.The scholarship is awarded annually based on the following criteria to be met by each applicant:

  1. shall be a Gold Medallist at that year’s Canadian Juvenile or Junior Championships,
  2. shall be a graduating high school student entering a post-secondary institution or be already enrolled at a post-secondary institution provided he/she is a Juvenile or Junior,
  3. shall be a non-carded athlete,
  4. shall receive the Award for one year only, and
  5. shall have high academic standing in the previous school year.



1986 – Neil Domstad (University of Calgary)
1987 – Chris Wilson (Simon Fraser University)
1988 – Dave Shaver (London Amateur Wrestling Club)
1989 – Yogi Johl (Douglas College)
1990 – Ari Taub (Simon Fraser University)
1992 – Jeremy Podlog (University of Calgary)
1996 – Shannon Hooper (Simon Fraser University)
1997 – Nicole Gal (University of British Columbia)
1998 – Melissa Kindratsky (University of Calgary)
1999 – Colin Wist (University of Saskatchewan)
2000 – Catherine Eckfeldt (University of Calgary)
2001 – David Zilberman (Vanier College)
2002 – Heather Ball (Simon Fraser University)
2003 – Tyler Marghetis (Concordia University)
2004 – Stefanie Howorun (McMaster University)
2005 – Justine Bouchard (University of Calgary)
2006 – Dusan Milakara (McMaster University)
2007 – Allison Leslie (University of Guelph)
2008 – Emma Brightwell (Lakehead University)
2009 – Krista Betts (University of New Brunswick)
2010 – Steven Takahashi (University of Western Ontario)
2011 – Valérie Ouellette (University of Western Ontario)
2012 – Indira Moores (Laurentian University)
2013 – Lorena Ellis (St. Thomas University)
2014 – Tiffany Hibbert (Simon Fraser University)
2015 – Emily Schaefer (Brock University)
2016 – Josh Bodnarchuk (University of Saskatchewan)
2017 – Jordan Wong (University of Alberta)
2018 – Samantha Romano (Brock University)