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Training Centre Funding Framework


Wrestling Canada Lutte (WCL) has been a long-term supporter of coaches and training centres, which have provided coaches and coaching support to our National Team programs over many years. Since the 1980s, various funding frameworks and criteria have been utilized to determine the level of funding for these centres. As the environment has changed, the training centre funding framework has evolved, usually corresponding with the strategic priorities that are identified and funding availability within a given quadrennial planning cycle.


The objective of training centre funding is to provide coach funding support, in the form of a coaching grant, to support part-time and full-time coaching positions at various training centres across the country. The framework defines and addresses the tiered training centre system as well as the various other parameters in determining funding eligibility.

*NOTE: Training centres receiving funding are not in WCL’s scope of jurisdiction and are bound by club &/or PTSO policies and procedures, however, alignment with WCL values, policies and procedures is an expectation of training centres receiving funding. Other accountability measures for funding are specified in respective Training Centre Agreements.


The Training Centre Funding Framework is framed by the following parameters:

  • Recognition of the important role that traditional U SPORTS centres have played in the development of wrestling in Canada.
  • Recognition that a number of non-U SPORTS centres have contributed to the National Team in recent years.
  • Recognition of the need for stable and predictable funding for centres to be able to maintain a salaried coach.
  • Notwithstanding the need for stability, recognition that some form of performance-based funding is necessary in order to provide greater incentive during a given quadrennial.
  • The expectation that training centres will provide opportunities for both genders.
  • The expectation that training centres will compete at WCL sanctioned events.
  • The expectation that funds are to be utilized for coaching support only, and not simply a general subsidization of club activities.
  • The expectation that training centre coaches will make themselves available for National Team assignments when necessary.
  • The expectation that clubs will align with WCL values, policies and guidelines.

Training Centre Funding Framework

The Training Centre Funding Framework is represented, as follows:

High Performance  Centres

  • Brock Wrestling Club (St. Catharines, ON)
  • Burnaby Mountain Wrestling Club (Burnaby, BC)
  • Dinos Wrestling Club (Calgary, AB)
  • Montreal-YMHA Wrestling Club (Montreal, QC)

Club Excellence Centres
Tier 1:
  • Guelph Wrestling Club (Guelph, ON)
  • Saskatoon Wrestling Club (Saskatoon, SK)
Tier 2:
  • Bears Wrestling Club (Edmonton, AB)
  • Black Bears Wrestling Club (Fredericton, NB)
  • Hamilton WC (Hamilton, ON)
  • Northwestern Ontario Wrestling Club (Thunder Bay, ON)
  • London-Western Wrestling Club (London, ON)
  • Team Impact Wrestling Club (Toronto, ON)
  • Cat-town Wrestling Club (Regina, SK)
Tier 3:
  • U of Fraser Valley* (Fraser Valley, BC)
  • York U* (York, ON)

*Denotes support to the U SPORTS wrestling program

NOTE – there will be no duplication of funding (at any tier) between any 2 centres if there is a direct partnership between them (i.e. Brock WC & Brock University WC).

Future Consideration

As the environment continues to evolve, the Training Centre Funding Framework will undoubtedly need further adaptation to suit the future needs of WCL. We will continue to work together with our funding partners and stakeholders, including the various universities and clubs, which support coaching, in order to ensure that we are able to provide the best possible coaching support for our athletes and our overall wrestling paradigm.