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Official Language Policy


Wrestling Canada Lutte will strive to comply with its official languages obligations pursuant to Sport Canada guidelines and the Official Languages Act of the government of Canada.


Wrestling Canada Lutte is committed to the delivery of its programs and services in both English and French. Everyone who wishes to communicate with Wrestling Canada Lutte should feel comfortable to do so in the official language of their choice.

Application & Provisions

In accordance with the fundamental principle of the policy, Wrestling Canada Lutte is committed to ensuring all the following programs and communications will be provided members in both official languages and/or the official language of their choice:

a) Written documentation including Wrestling Canada Lutte policies, bylaws, technical material.

b) Wrestling Canada Lutte website including media releases. Users should be aware that some information from external sources is included as a convenience and is available only in the language in which it was provided.

c) Canadian Championships & international events hosted in Canada.

d) Ability to serve visitors or callers to the National Office in the language of their choice.

e) Correspondence will be returned in the language it was received.