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Safety in Sport

Wrestling Canada Lutte (WCL) believes that everyone has the right to enjoy the sport at whatever level they participate. Athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers have the right to participate in a safe and inclusive training and competitive environment that is free of abuse, harassment, or maltreatment. We are committed to making our culture better and are putting in place inclusive processes to help support our commitment to safe sport.

On December 29, 2022, WCL formally adopted the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS) and joined the Abuse-Free Sport program. Complaints regarding alleged violations to the UCCMS should be filed with either Abuse-Free Sport or the Independent Third Party (ITP) for WCL. An overview on how to file a complaint to either Abuse-Free Sport or the ITP is outlined in the Reporting Mechanism (How To) section below.

Abuse-Free Sport Helpline

The Abuse-Free Sport Helpline is here to provide you with advice, guidance and resources on how to proceed / intervene appropriately in the circumstances. The Abuse-Free Sport Helpline is a free, anonymous, confidential and independent service in both official languages that can be reached by phone, text or email.

Are you in crisis?

The Abuse-Free Sport Helpline is not a crisis line. For all urgent situations requiring immediate intervention, contact:
Policies & Procedures
Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS)

The UCCMS is the core document that sets harmonized rules that have been adopted by Canadian National Sport Organizations and Multi-Sport Service Organizations. The goal of the UCCMS is to advance a respectful sport culture that delivers quality, inclusive, accessible, welcoming and safe sport experiences.

The UCCMS addresses:

  • common principles and a commitment to advance a respectful sport culture;
  • standard definitions of various forms of maltreatment, including grooming, neglect, and physical, sexual, and psychological maltreatment;
  • a list of other prohibited behaviour such as retaliation, failure to report maltreatment, intentionally filing false allegations, misuse of power, etc.; and
  • a framework for determining appropriate sanctions against such prohibited behaviour.

The UCCMS is administered at the National Level by Abuse-Free Sport, a program created by the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC) according to the mandate it received from the Government of Canada, for preventing and addressing maltreatment in sport. SDRCC is a non-for-profit organization created under the Physical Activity and Sport Act (S.C. 2003, c.2).

An interactive resource introduces core concepts of the UCCMS is available here: INTRODUCTION TO THE UCCMS.

The Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner (OSIC) is a functionally independent division of the SDRCC and is responsible to administer the UCCMS and relevant aspects of Abuse-Free Sport.

Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS)

Wrestling Canada Lutte (WCL) Policies

WCL Safe Sport Policy Manual. Quick reference to specific sections in the policy:

WCL UCCMS Participants
WCL Complaint Procedure
WCL Appeal Procedure
Rule of Two Guidelines
WCL Concussion Protocol

Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP)

Canadian Anti-Doping Program

Reporting Mechanisms (How To)
Independent Third Party

As part of our commitment to Safe Sport, WCL has enlisted the professional services of ITP Sport as our independent third party service provider. ITP Sport has partnered with Whistleblower Security Inc. to provide clients with a secure and independent reporting intake and case management system.

To file a complaint (allegations involving a breach of the UCCMS by Registered Participants and allegations involving a breach of the Code of Conduct) and to file an appeal: https://app.integritycounts.ca/org/itpsport.

Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner (OSIC)

To report an incident (allegations involving a breach of the UCCMS by UCCMS Participants): https://osic-bcis.i-sight.com/portal.


WCL Complaint Procedure
WCL Appeal Procedure

Training & Screening Requirements

Safe Sport Training & Screening Requirements
Enhanced Police Information Checks (E-PICs)
Safe Sport – Application Form
Safe Sport – Screening Disclosure Form
Safe Sport – Screening Renewal Form

External eLearning Resources (Coaching Association of Canada):

Safe Sport Training
Make Ethical Decisions
Making Head Way Concussion eLearning

External Resources (Respect Programs):

WCL first partnered with Respect Group in 2017 as part of its broader commitment to Safe Sport and adopted mandated “Respect” training for staff and members of the Board of Directors. Respect Group was co-founded by former NHLer Sheldon Kennedy in 2004, and partnered with the Canadian Red Cross to create a best-in-class e-learning curriculum with the aim of preventing bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination (BAHD).

WCL is now providing access to training and education (on a user-pay basis) for staff, coaches, medical personnel and the BOD through “Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders” and for parents through “Respect in Sport for Parents” modules.


Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders
For: Staff, Coaches, Medical Personnel, Team Leaders & BOD
Cost: $30 per person
Duration: 2.5 hours online, does not have to be completed in one sitting
Individuals with a NCCP number will receive 3 PD points upon completion

Respect in Sport for Parents
For: Parents and Family of Athletes
Cost: $12 per household
Duration: 1 hour online, does not have to be completed in one sitting

Concussion Safety

Concussion Protocol


NCCP Making Head Way Concussion eLearning – Designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills required to ensure the safety of your athletes, this NCCP Professional Development module will make you concussion smart! Choose the Sport (Generic) module. You should expect to spend 60-90 minutes completing the module.

Additional Resources

2016 Berlin Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport – This consensus document reflects the current state of knowledge on Concussion in Sport and is updated every 4 years by experts in the field.
Parachute: Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport – Parachute Canada’s national guideline that covers pre-season education and the recognition, medical diagnosis, and management of athletes who sustain a suspected concussion during a sport activity.
Parachute: Statement on Concussion Baseline Testing in Canada – Parachute Canada’s clarification of the role of concussion baseline testing for Canadian youth and adult athletes.
Concussion in Sport Resources – Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC)
Concussion Awareness – Coaching Association of Canada (CAC)