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2015 Cadet / Juvenile Championships Registration & Weigh-in Requirements

March 26, 2015

CADET & JUVENILE REGISTRATION (Thursday, April 9th & Friday, April 10th, 2015)

Please be reminded that the following documentation will be required to be submitted for all athlete registrants at ON-SITE REGISTRATION at the upcoming 2015 Cadet / Juvenile Canadian Championships:

  • Signed pre-competition medical screening form
  • Legal proof of age and citizenship, including photo IDENTIFICATION (ORIGINALS, not copies):
    • Passport (for Canadian citizens)
    • Permanent Resident Card
    • Birth certificate with accompanying photo ID (government issued photo ID including a driver’s licence or provincial health card)
    • Birth certificate with accompanying photo ID (Northern Affairs Band Card for Aboriginal Canadians)

Men’s and Women’s Freestyle is open only to Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents. Men’s and Women’s Greco-Roman is open to all competitors. Please note that athletes will NOT be allowed to weigh in if they haven’t been registered prior to weigh in to get their accreditation.

For those athletes and / or wrestling clubs that have outstanding invoices due with Wrestling Canada Lutte, they will need to be paid prior to registration. A Wrestling Canada Lutte representative will be on hand to take payment.

NOTE: athletes and wrestling clubs will lose their “member in good standing” status until all outstanding invoices are paid. Loss of status will result in any athletes from the club NOT being able to compete in the Championships.

CADET TRIALS REGISTRATION (Friday, April 10th – FS & Saturday, April 11th – GR, FW)

Cadet Team Trials (all styles) are the selection event for the 2015 Cadet National Team program and are open only to Canadian citizens.

Registration for Cadet Team Trials will take place on Friday April 10th for FS and on Saturday, April 11th for GR & FW. Payment for Trials will be made at this time for those athletes eligible to compete (see below).


  • 16 or 17 years of age (born in 1998 or 1999);
  • 15 year olds (born in 2000) may compete with written parental consent.


In order to be eligible (to qualify) to compete in the Cadet Trials (Men’s and Women’s Freestyle), you must compete in the 2015 Canadian Championships and must:

1 – Place top 3 as a CADET at the 2015 Cadet Canadian Championships,


2 – place top 5 as a 1st year JUVENILE at the 2015 Juvenile Canadian Championships. If you are a 1st year JUVENILE that is directly eliminated (i.e. second loss of the tournament) by a 2nd year Juvenile that places in the top 5, your coach must submit a written petition to the Wrestling Canada Lutte staff member to be permitted to compete in the Trials.


Cadet Team Trials (Men’s Greco-Roman) is open to all international Cadet age eligible male athletes.

NOTE: Male athletes can compete in both Freestyle and Greco-Roman Cadet Trials, however, if they rank #1 in both styles, they will NOT be permitted to compete internationally in both styles, if sanctioned. Athletes will be required to make a choice indicating which style they will wrestle.


Athletes will be required to present themselves to medicals and weigh-ins as follows:

  • With athlete accreditation (athletes or their coaches must have gone through the registration process to receive this)
  • With government issued photo ID (ORIGINALS, not copies):
    • Passport
    • Permanent Resident Card
    • Government issued photo ID including a driver’s licence, or provincial health card
    • Northern Affairs Band Card (for Aboriginal Canadians)
  • Competition singlet with bare feet. The singlet must be intact and may not be modified in order to reduce the weight (i.e. cutting / tearing the leg bands or shoulder bands off the singlet is forbidden)
  • Fingernails must be trimmed
  • Clean shaven or have a beard of several months’ growth

Kyle Hunter
Domestic Development Manager
[email protected]