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2016 Christmas Team Canada Tour Features 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist Erica Wiebe

December 22, 2016

2016 Olympic Gold Medalist in wrestling Erica Wiebe has recently taken part in the 2016 Team Canada tour to visit the troops, and arrives back in Canada today.

“Going to visit the troops overseas with this accomplished group is a great honour,” said Wiebe. “We hit up three stops across the world in five days and it was an amazing experience to go and give them a little taste of Christmas.”

The tour left Canada December 18, 2016 and visited CHMS Charlottetown in port in Chanai, Crete, the Ali Al Salem Base in Kuwait as well as forces on location in Lviv, Ukraine. Participants included 2014 Olympic Gold Hockey Champion Genevieve Lacasse, 2010 Olympic Gold Hockey Champion Tessa Bonhomme, 1996 Olympic Champion Donovan Bailey, Canadian Hockey Legend Guy Lafleur, and wrestling’s-own 2016 Olympic Champion Erica Wiebe.

On the Christmas Team Canada tour, the group of Champions visited the troops, got tours of their bases, learned about their missions and took part in a Christmas concert which included a performance by Jonas and the Massive Attraction.
“I love my sport because it can take you all over the word, even to wrestle and get active with the troops and see what they do and how they live their lives,” says Wiebe. “I have so much respect for the men and women that go overseas and protect and keep the world safe.”

Wiebe returns to Canada on December 22, 2016 to make final preparations and to train as she departs December 29, 2016 to wrestle in the Indian Pro League.