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Athlete Council election to take place at Canadian Championships

March 14, 2019


The WCL Athlete Council is the voice of athlete concerns and opinions within Canadian wrestling. The Council is comprised of 3 senior male athletes and 3 senior female athletes. Please read the Athlete Council Terms of Reference here to determine if you are eligible to be elected.

Benefits of being involved:

  • Represent your national level teammates
  • Help drive positive, athlete-centric change within the organization
  • Put your ideas for improvements into action
  • Formalize your leadership skills by taking on this important role

Time Commitment:

  • Attend quarterly conference calls
  • Be open and responsive to teammates’ concerns
  • Attend one in-person meeting per year
  • Be open to serving on working groups or representing WCL at events

“I would encourage athletes to get involved and be part of the solution. It’s easy to want changes and wish for them, but just like actually competing, the changes come from action and being committed. We have a lot of great athletes in our community and we want and need their insight,” said Jasmine Mian, Chair of the Athlete Council and 2016 Olympian. “In my view, athletes are the most important stakeholder within Wrestling Canada Lutte, so it’s important that the athlete voice has an official place within the governing structure of the National Sporting organization. We are now a standing committee of the Board of Directors, weighing in on important issues that affect us and we nominate athletes to serve on important committees such as the High Performance Advisory Committee.”

“It is imperative that other athletes be encouraged to get involved,” said Jessica MacDonald, Athlete Council member, and 2012 World Champion. “I believe that part of an athlete’s duty to this sport is to give back and contribute to its ongoing development and the opportunity that it provides for all.”

Please put your name forward for the Athlete Council by filling out the nomination form. Once you have completed the nomination form, please forward a photo headshot to [email protected]. Elections will take place at the 2019 Senior Canadian Championships. Successful candidates will serve a 2-year term.