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Canada Wins Two Gold Medals and a Bronze at Wrestling on Day 6

July 30, 2014

Courtesy of Commonwealth Games Canada

It was a profitable day on the wrestling mats for Canada. Erica Wiebe of Stittsville Ontario and Korey Jarvis of Elliot Lake Ontario have won have both won Gold and Jasmine Mian of Barrie Ontario has won a Bronze.
In the women’s 75kg weight-class, Erica Wiebe started the day strong with a 10 – 0 match win against Sophie Edwards of England. With only five wrestlers within the 75kg weight category, the competition for the women’s 75kg category used the Nordic System where each participant must fight all four of their competitors, which was ok with Wiebe, who loves this fast-paced system style.

Wiebe has described her love of the sport of wrestling.

“There is nothing else like the sweaty, physical chess match that is wrestling,” said Wiebe. “I love the tactical, technical, and gritty aspects of the sport.”

In her second bout, Wiebe wrestled Blessing Onyebuchi from Nigeria. The match was clearly dominated by Wiebe who won the match 12-2. Three-time national champion, Wiebe’s next match was against Annabel Ali of Cameroon. Ali was a silver medallist at the Delhi Games but was beaten by Wiebe at the 2013 World Championships resulting in a seventh-place finish for Wiebe. With a score of 4-2, Wiebe beat Ali, who had been described as her toughest competition for gold.

After the match, Wiebe talked about her match strategy.

“I know that no matter what happens, I can put points on the board, so I work to make something happen. Obviously the last 30 seconds I gave up some points, but it is a good warm-up for high-pressure Games like this where you leave it all on the line,” said Wiebe. “The Indian wrestler and the Nigerian both have similar styles, so I needed to outlast her and be tougher.”

In her last match of the Nordic System pool A, Wiebe battled Jyoti of India. Strong as ever, Wiebe was up by three points just before at the half-way break, jumped to nine and the match was hers, she had done it.

“When I won it was emotional, this is what I have been thinking about and dreaming about, it was awesome, to have that moment for myself, the first time that I did this at a big event,” she said after the bout with tears in her eyes. “I have never had my anthem played, so I was thinking about that before I went out there, and that is what I was wrestling for today.”

In the 125kg weight-class Korey Jarvis received a by into the quarter-finals and met Hollis Ochieng Mkanga of Kenya. Korey, showed good control and patience and quickly earned four points. By the end of the match, Jarvis was heading into the semis and had won 11-1. Chinu from England was Jarvis’ competitor in the semi-finals. At one point the score was tied at 2-2 when Jarvis took control and quickly gained momentum. He continually tuned his opponent until he had 12 points. It was a strong and dominant performance. There is no doubt what Jarvis was looking for at these Games.

“It started off in a good way, I had a good draw, focused last night and knew which athletes I would be wrestling,” said Jarvis.  “I have stayed true to my game plan, which I have been working on the last couple months. I knew I would either have Africa or Nigeria in the final and I have been here before and I am looking for a better result than last time.”

In the final, Jarvis met another dominant Indian wrestler Rajeev Tomar in the ring. Both wrestlers were aggressive but looking for the right time to strike. At the half-way horn, Jarvis had the only point. In the second half, the intensity grew, but Jarvis did a great job playing between aggressive and defensive. In the end, with the only points, Jarvis won the gold.

“All I can do is thank my family, my daughter and wife Sarah, she is the one who stays at home to take care of my daughter and if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be able to be here and do what I do.”

48kg Jasmine Mian met Vinesh from India in the Semi-final as her first match. The Indian wrestler took an early lead and won the match. Mian went on to wrestle in the repechage for the bronze medal. Mian met Rosemary Nweke from Nigeria in the bronze medal final. Mian was quick and aggressive, and won the bout with a score of 13-2. Mian described the difference in her take on the two wrestling bouts.

“I was eager this morning to make that gold medal final, I was a little hesitant and not myself, and after I had a loss I woke up and said you know what, I am here and have to do the best I can, stop focusing on the outcome and wrestle my match.”

Chris Laverick (74kg) lost in the round of 32 to Melvin Bibo of Nigeria.

Wrestling continues tomorrow at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.