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Canadian Wrestling Trials – Men’s Freestyle Preview

November 29, 2019

NIAGARA, Ont. – To qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games wrestlers must first win the Canadian Wrestling Trials. From December 5 to 7 the top Canadian wrestlers will battle for a spot at the Pan-American Olympic Qualification Tournament at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara.

Canada qualified two men for the Rio 2016 games. Korey Jarvis finished eighth at 125 kg and Haislan Garcia eleventh at 65 kg.

All entries and weight-classes are subject to change.

57 kg

Darthe Capellan has held the top spot at 57 kg for the past two years. At the 2019 Canadian Championships, he defeated Samuel Jagas by a 6-5 decision. Aso Palani, two-time Senior World Championship team member will be looking to make his return to the national team. Scott Schiller has represented Canada at 61 kg at the past two Worlds and will be looking for success at the lower Olympic weight-class.

Full entry list

Arciaga, Melvin – EWC Bears

Aziz, Freddie – Dinos Wrestling Club

Capellan, Darthe – Burnaby Mountain Wrestling Club

Jagas, Samuel – Brock Wrestling Club

Malu, Joshua – Team Impact

Moher, Alexander – Brock Wrestling Club

Musonza, Golden – Regina Advanced Wrestling Academy

Nikolaou, Chris – London-Western WC

Palani, Aso – Burnaby Mountain Wrestling Club

Sadiku, Ligrit – Brock Wrestling Club

Schiller, Scott – Montreal WC

Todd, Brayden – Montreal WC


65 kg

At the past three national team selection events, there have been three different winners at 65 kg. Dillon Williams, Michael Asselstine, and Vince De Marinis have represented Canada internationally at 65 kg since 2018.

Full entry list

Alexander Torres, Jacob – BMWC

Asselstine, Michael – EWC Bears

Bodnarchuk, Joshua – Dinos Wrestling Club

De Marinis, Vince – Montreal WC

Leder, Patrik – Team Impact Wrestling Club

Lee, Josh – Unattached

Manning, Cruiz – Brock Wrestling Club

McIsaac, Chris – Brock Wrestling Club

Musonza, Gilbert – Regina Advanced Wrestling Academy

Podlog, Jeremy – Independent

Uzunovic, Elvir – Guelph Wrestling Club

Williams, Dillon – Team Impact


74 kg

The most crowded weight-class will feature twenty different wrestlers. Jevon Balfour has consistently been the top Canadian at 74 kg. He defeated Jasmit Phulka in a 3-2 decision at the 2019 Canadian Championships. Veteran Cleopas Ncube will be returning to competition after not having competed in Canada since 2016.

Full entry list

Balfour, Jevon – Brock Wrestling Club

Barmish, Sam – Montreal WC

Bauer, Alec – Independent Ontario

Bridgwater, Ty – Brock Wrestling Club

Chaves, Alexander – Guelph Wrestling Club

Crooks, Michael C – EWC Bears

Fayad, John – Dinos Wrestling Club

Godding, Joel – Independent Ontario

Goleniec, Nicholas – EWC Bears

Kato, Trystan – Hamilton Wrestling Club

Kryger, Brett – Regina Midwest Wrestling Club

McNeice, Callum – Dinos Wrestling Club

McNeice, Connor – Dinos Wrestling Club

Ncube, Cleopas – Kingston & Area Olympic Wrestling Club

Phulka, Jasmit Singh – Burnaby Mountain Wrestling Club

Quinton, Connor – Hamilton Wrestling Club

Rowe, Tyler – Brock Wrestling Club

Ruslanzada, Guseyn – Montreal WC

Rutner, Caleb – Montreal WC

Shannon, Peter – Carleton Wrestling Club


86 kg

At the past two Canadian Championships, Alex Moore hasn’t had a point scored against him. Ahmed Shamiya and Hunter Lee will be looking to change that and take the top spot at 86 kg.

Full entry list

Aghamirian, Ameen – Hamilton Wrestling Club

Ayyoub, Ismail – NCWC

Bains, Jasonpreet – Burnaby Mountain Wrestling Club

Brown-Theriault, Alex – Carleton Wrestling Club

Budgey, Max – Brock Wrestling Club

Johnson, Andrew – Saskatoon Wrestling Club

Johnston, Collin – London-Western WC

Lee, Hunter – Saskatoon Wrestling Club

Magarrey, Bradley – Hamilton Wrestling Club

Moore, Alex – Montreal WC

Munro, Brock – Keystone Wrestling Club

Narlidis, Ioannis – Central Toronto Wrestling Club

Pitt, Ignatius – Brock Wrestling Club

Pye, Clayton – Brock Wrestling Club

Saxena, Shekhar – Akhara Of Champions

Shamiya, Ahmed – Hamilton Wrestling Club

Zahra, Ben – Hamilton Wrestling Club

97 kg

Jordie Steen has been the top Canadian at 97 kg for two years, and captured Commonwealth Games bronze in 2018. Nishan Randhawa has been the runner up both at the Canadian Championships in both 2018 and 2019.

Full entry list

Bazrafshan, Amir – Team Impact

Bertholet, Noah – Saskatoon Wrestling Club

Deschatelets, Richard – Brock Wrestling Club

Jacobs, Nico – Dinos Wrestling Club

Kato, Jalen – Mcmaster Wrestling

Randhawa, Nishan – Burnaby Mountain Wrestling Club

Steen, Jordie – Montreal WC

125 kg

Olympian Korey Jarvis hasn’t lost a match to a Canadian in over six years. He’s defeated Sean Molle and Bradley Hildenbrandt in the finals in recent years. Amar Dhesi has seen success wrestling in the NCAA and will challenge for the heavyweight spot.

Full entry list

Barghout, Aly – Montreal WC

Choquette, Frederick – Montreal WC

Dhesi, Amarveer – Burnaby Mountain Wrestling Club

Hildenbrandt, Bradley – Burnaby Mountain Wrestling Club

Jarvis, Korey – Guelph Wrestling Club

Molle, Sean – Dinos Wrestling Club

Schug, Joshua – EWC Bears


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