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Competition Review Survey

January 11, 2019

The Event & Hosting Advisory Committee is a Program Advisory Committee of Wrestling Canada Lutte reporting to the Executive Director. As such, the Committee provides technical expertise and guidance to the Sport Development and Event Manager on the development of policies and procedures related to Wrestling Canada Lutte’s events and competitions.

We are sending out this survey in an effort to gather feedback from Wrestling Canada Lutte’s partners and stakeholders. Your participation will assist us in reviewing the current domestic competition calendar, aligning it with our Long Term Athlete Development model and Gold Medal Profile.

The alignment of events with the Canadian Wrestling community goals and expectations is key to the development of the sport and the quality of the events being delivered by Wrestling Canada Lutte. The Long Term Athlete Development model provides a shared framework (common language) that allows for stakeholders to effectively discuss many aspects of what the goals and objectives of an event should be. 

This survey is divided into six parts:

Part 1 – Participation and categories that contribute to the Athlete’s Pathway

Part 2 – Events, their goals and when they should be

Part 3 – Hosting and the bid process

Part 4 – Sport disciplines, competition format, meaningful competition

Part 5 – Funding and tourism

Part 6 – Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations

This survey will take approx. 25 – 30 minutes.

Access the survey here