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Erica Wiebe

2016 Olympic Champion

Reigning Olympic Champion and defending Commonwealth Games Champion, Erica Wiebe will return to the Commonwealth Games to defend her title earned in 2014 in Scotland. Wiebe enjoyed an outstanding 2014 season in which she won every individual tournament she entered, a streak of 36 matches, until the world championships. Wiebe travelled to London 2012 as a training partner for Olympian Leah Callahan, soaking in the experience so she would be ready for her own Olympic opportunity in Rio. Inspired to one day represent Team Canada as a young child by a large crowd cheering her on, Erica Wiebe had her dream of representing Canada sparked when she played a mini soccer game during a Team Canada women’s friendly at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa. Wiebe began wrestling in Grade 9 after a sign for co-ed practice was posted, eventually shifting her attentions away from other sport interests including soccer. Earning her Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary in 2012, Wiebe then completed a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at the University of Calgary in Spring 2016. A collector of fridge magnets on international travels, Wiebe always travels with a jar of Nutella to eat.


DateCompetitionAge GroupWeight ClassRank
2018-09-07Poland OpenSeniors761
2018-07-14Grand Prix of SpainSeniors761
2018-07-07Canada CupSeniors761
2018-04-12Commonwealth GamesSeniors761
2018-03-17World CupSeniorsTeam5
2018-02-23International Ukrainian TournamentSeniors761
2018-02-16Klippan Lady OpenSeniors763
2017-03-03International Ukrainian TournamentSeniors751
2017-02-17Klippan Lady OpenSeniors752
2017-01-02Pro Wrestling LeagueSeniorsteam3
2016-08-17Olympic GamesSeniors751
2016-06-25Canada CupSeniors751
2016-05-14Grand Prix of GermanySeniors751
2016-03-04Olympic Qualification TournamentSeniors751
2016-01-30UWW Test TournamentSeniors752
2015-11-06Bill Farrell Memorial InternationalSeniors751
2015-07-11Grand Prix of SpainSeniors751
2015-06-13Canada CupSeniors751
2015-05-23Grand Prix of GermanySeniors751
2015-05-16Olympia TournamentSeniors752
2015-02-13Klippan Lady OpenSeniors751
2015-01-22Ivan Yarygin Grand PrixSeniors751
2015-01-03Nordhagen ClassicsSeniors751
2014-11-27Copa BrasilSeniors752
2014-09-08World ChampionshipSeniors7510
2014-07-29Commonwealth GamesSeniors751
2014-07-06World University ChampionshipSeniors751
2014-06-13Austrian Ladies OpenSeniors751
2014-06-07Grand Prix of GermanySeniors751
2014-03-15World CupSeniors754
2014-02-28Klippan Lady OpenSeniors751
2014-01-30Dave Schultz Memorial InternationalSeniors751
2013-12-07Nordhagen ClassicsSeniors721
2013-11-07New York Athletic Club InternationalSeniors723
2013-09-18World ChampionshipSeniors727
2013-08-10Waclaw Ziolkowski MemorialSeniors721
2013-07-13World University GamesSeniors723
2013-05-31Battle at the FallsSeniors721
2013-04-05Pan American ChampionshipSeniors723
2012-10-03World University ChampionshipSeniors722
2012-06-30Canada CupSeniors721
2012-06-22Poland OpenSeniors725
2012-05-25Ion Corneanu MemorialSeniors721
2012-01-28Nordhagen ClassicsSeniors721
2011-08-06Commonwealth ChampionshipSeniors721
2011-06-10Grand Prix of GermanySeniors725
2011-06-03Austrian Ladies OpenSeniors723
2011-02-03Dave Schultz Memorial InternationalSeniors725
2010-10-22Sunkist Kids International OpenSeniors723
2010-06-11Austrian Ladies OpenSeniors7212
2009-08-04World ChampionshipJuniors727
2009-06-12Austrian Ladies OpenSeniors728
2009-05-29Grand Prix of GermanySeniors725
2008-07-29World ChampionshipJuniors7213
2008-05-09Grand Prix of GermanySeniors727
2007-06-22Pan American ChampionshipJuniors672

Birthplace: Stittsville, Ontario
Club: Calgary Dinos Wrestling Club

Born: June 13, 1989 (age 31)