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Flash Quotes – Erica Wiebe Gold in Women’s 75kg Wrestling

July 30, 2014

Erica Wiebe of Stittsville Ontario wins Gold in women’s wrestling at the Commonwealth Games.


On winning:

“It’s good to have that gold medal, I look good in gold!”

On the pressure:

“To win in a high pressure situation was big. I was feeling it today, I was feeling the pressure and I put a lot on myself, but this is what I need going into the next two years I need to continue to win and continue to win in situations like this.”


“My goal in this bout was to wrestle free. I was so tight today and I knew that my mental game was going on, but I needed to attack and to wrestle the way I want to wrestle. This new style of wrestling is about scoring and being offensive, and calculated attacks and that’s what I want to do.”

The emotion of winning (tears forming in her eyes):

“When I won it was emotional, this is what I have been thinking about and dreaming about, it was awesome, to have that moment for myself, the first time that I did this at a big event.”

“I have never had my anthem played, so I was thinking about that before I went out there, and that is what I was wrestling for today.”