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Flash Quotes – Jasmine Mian Wrestling Bronze Medallist 48kg

July 30, 2014

Jasmine Mian wins bronze in wrestling in the 48kg weight-class. Flash quotes:


Difference in her wrestling between morning and night:

“I was was eager this morning to make that gold medal final, I was a little hesitant and not myself, and after I had a loss I woke up and said you know what, I am here and have to do the best I can, stop focusing on the outcome and wrestle my match.”

On cheering on her best friend:

“Erica Wiebe, 75kg, who is national champion at her weight-class is my best friend, we have been on the national team together for almost ten years now, and this is our first major Games together. We competed at the senior World Championships together, both won University Worlds together and now we are both going to win Commonwealth medals today, so it is exciting for both of us.”

Games experience:

“We have gotten to see so many amazing athletes, Usain Bolt, and so many great athletes that we are walking around shoulder to shoulder together with.” I want to see Usain Bolt in the 4x100m relay and some weightlifting.”


“Yesterday our friend Marie-Josée Arès-Pilon won a bronze in weightlifting, it was very exciting for us to see that and get fired up and be inspired to go for medals.”