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Flash quotes : Women’s wrestling – Braxton Stone-Papadopoulous – bronze medal – 58 kg

July 31, 2014

Pickering, Ontario’s Braxton Stone-Papadopoulos, bronze medallist

What were your thoughts going into that match?

“Going in to that match, I was nervous. I’m nervous at every match but at the same time, my coaches, and I was telling myself : you need to wrestle your own match and so all I was telling myself is go in there, wrestle how you usually wrestle and you’ll be okay.”

What does the medal mean to you?

“It means a lot. It’s my first Commonwealth Games, I was able to get a bronze here, hopefully next time I get to pass that and end up get that gold so it’s really exciting, I am so excited!”

On what she did well:

“My second match didn’t go so well – I lost to India but at the same time, I was still sticking to my game plan and doing everything that I was good at: move my hands, move my feet, making sure I was looking for attacks, it always works for me, it always helps me with my matches.”