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Flash quotes – Wrestling – Brittanee Laverdure (55kg) silver medal

August 01, 2014

Your thoughts on the match:

I already talked to my coach about it, it’s just for me, a slow start position, give up the first four or six points because they just take the point and then shut down. It could be better, let’s just put it that way.

Are you still happy with the silver medal?

“Yeah, I’m happy with the silver, I had some time off last year. I just came back my first tournament was in March. I’m excited. I had a shoulder injury and I was becoming a lawyer.”

What’s your experience here like overall?

“It’s great, our team did awesome so it’s good. We have Worlds coming up, a big competition coming up, so this is just like gravy for us.”

“I’m excited to have a silver medal, you always want a gold.”

You’re a lawyer back home, are you keeping it with it – do you have work to do here?

“I went on my e-mail a couple of times and freaked myself out and forwarded some e-mails, trying to stay out off of it. No, my boss is  pretty good, because he actually wrestled in the Commonwealth.