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Flash quotes – Wrestling – David Tremblay wins gold – 61 kg

July 31, 2014

David Tremblay (Stoney Pointe, Ontario)

On his level of preparation:

“I was lucky to wrestle today, I ended up missing my weight. I was supposed to wrestle at 57 kilos and then I missed my weight. Then, the national team ended up getting me in at 61 so I’m really just lucky to be wrestling. I was training really hard for 57 kilos and then overnight, I had to switch everything and get ready for 61 and I just wrestled really well. Every match, I just felt like I was getting better and better. I knew this guy from India was a really tough wrestler, so I just wanted to go out there and see how I could do against a world-class athlete.”

You made it look easy:

“I got him in a technique, with that technique, you can finish the match very quickly now and for myself, that’s something that I like to do. As soon as I get to go down, on the ground, that’s my specialty, from there I can wrestle very well. It’s getting him there that’s hard. As soon as I get him there, I’m very confident that I’ll be able to score. You look at all my matches, I get him down there, it’s almost over after.”

Did you expect to knock him down so soon?

“No, I took a nice leg attack, he started defending and I almost thought I was going to lose it and then I ended up going on top, and then he tried defending again and I could actually feel I was breaking him down slowly. When I got him tight, I knew I wasn’t going to let him go.”