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Flash quotes – Wrestling gold medallists Arjun Gill (97 kg) and Dorothy Yeats (69 kg)

July 31, 2014

Arjun Gill (Surrey, B.-C.) 97 kg:

On his gold medal:

“This means a lot. It means a lot to my family, It means a lot to me, it means a lot to Canada.”

Asked to comment on his final match, he said:

“It was tough, really tough. He moves his hands really well so it’s hard to score.”

Dorothy Yeats (Montreal, QC) 69 kg:


What are your thoughts on that match:

“For one, I’ve never ever wrestled against Africa so I thought, this is going to be kind of cool, first time I’ve ever done that and I thought, it’s finals, there’s a lot of pressure it’s not different than any other match. Pretend like it’s the first match of the tournament, same thing, dominance, control, technique, stay focused and I stuck to those few words and it went as I planned. So I’m really happy.”

What will she do with her gold medal.

“Wear it. Sleep with it, eat with it, got to school with it, figure out how to wrestle with it. I will probably just put it with my collection of medals I really like.”

“This is my first major Games. It’s awesome to win, for sure and it’s a good preparation for the Olympic Games, obviously. It’s not like I’ll be walking into a Village for the first time at the Olympics, it’s the perfect warm-up.”

How challenging was the field:

“The field was challenging, India is very good, Nigeria is very good, Cameroon, they are all known to be pretty good, they’ve all won medals at World Championships before but I’ve tried to also, like I said before, to go in not really thinking about what they do but what I’m going to do and focus on myself. I’d say it was a challenging field but I made the most of it.”