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Flash quotes: Wrestling – Jevon Balfour – silver medal

August 01, 2014

Getting silver here , moving forward, is a big booster, right?

“Yeah, and I also know what I need to work on, I need to train harder, obviously”

You had such a good match earlier, today in the semis and the few matches before – was there much gas left in the tank?

“I definitely had the gas left. I don’t know, he’s a good wrestler, right? Can’t take anything away from him.”

Earlier, it seemed like you were finished…

“I don’t know, I just didn’t want to lose. When I’m down like that, I try a little bit harder. But that time, it didn’t work out and he ended up stopping my attack.”

Was that the most accomplished wrestler you’ve wrestled against?

“Yeah, for sure, I think Yogeshwar Dutt is the highest ranked wrestler I’ve wrestled against.”

Did you expect to accomplish so much in your first Commonwealth Games?

“My personal goal was to medal. If I didn’t medal I would be pretty upset at myself. That’s just my thing. I don’t like going to a competition, coming all this way and not even getting on that podium while every one did. That’s just me.”

What does it mean to you that the Scottish fans got behind you, because you’re such an exciting wrestler:

“The Commonwealth Games has been a really good experience. It shows countries can intertwine together. All these countries are here, everybody says hi to each  other, it’s great, right?”