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Jessica MacDonald

Jessica MacDonald was a bronze medalist at the 2013 World Championships and a bronze medalist at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. MacDonald began wrestling for Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario in 2003. Jessica is a three-time world medalist, and in 2012 earned the title of World Champion while competing in the 51 kg weight class of female wrestling. MacDonald describes her daughter Ella as her greatest motivator as her daughter motivates her to continue to strive for greatness and set an example for her.

DateCompetitionAge GroupWeight ClassRank
2018-09-07Poland OpenSeniors503
2018-07-14Grand Prix of SpainSeniors503
2018-07-07Canada CupSeniors501
2018-04-12Commonwealth GamesSeniors502
2018-03-17World CupSeniorsTeam5
2018-02-23International Ukrainian TournamentSeniors501
2018-02-16Klippan Lady OpenSeniors509
2017-08-23World ChampionshipSeniors5320
2017-07-15Grand Prix of SpainSeniors531
2017-06-02Grand Prix of GermanySeniors531
2017-05-27City of Sassari TournamentSeniors534
2017-05-06Pan American ChampionshipSeniors531
2017-01-31Dave Schultz Memorial InternationalSeniors532
2017-01-28Grand Prix of ParisSeniors538
2015-11-06Bill Farrell Memorial InternationalSeniors482
2015-07-11Grand Prix of SpainSeniors483
2015-05-23Grand Prix of GermanySeniors482
2015-05-16Olympia TournamentSeniors481
2015-04-24Dan Kolov – Nikola Petrov TournamentSeniors481
2014-07-15Pan American ChampionshipSeniors482
2014-07-05Canada CupSeniors481
2014-06-13Austrian Ladies OpenSeniors481
2014-06-07Grand Prix of GermanySeniors483
2014-03-15World CupSeniors484
2014-02-08Golden Grand PrixSeniors482
2014-01-30Dave Schultz Memorial InternationalSeniors481
2013-11-07New York Athletic Club InternationalSeniors512
2013-09-18World ChampionshipSeniors513
2013-08-10Waclaw Ziolkowski MemorialSeniors512
2013-07-13Grand Prix of SpainSeniors511
2013-05-31Battle at the FallsSeniors511
2013-05-17Grand Prix of GermanySeniors512
2013-04-05Pan American ChampionshipSeniors511
2013-03-02World CupSeniors511
2012-11-08New York Athletic Club InternationalSeniors511
2012-09-27World ChampionshipSeniors511
2012-07-07Grand Prix of SpainSeniors513
2012-06-30Canada CupSeniors511
2012-06-09Austrian Ladies OpenSeniors511
2012-05-26World CupSeniors516
2012-02-25Pan American ChampionshipSeniors511
2011-11-11New York Athletic Club InternationalSeniors481
2011-10-28Sunkist Kids International OpenSeniors481
2011-09-14World ChampionshipSeniors513
2011-07-23International Ukrainian TournamentSeniors515
2011-07-07Grand Prix of SpainSeniors511
2011-06-10Grand Prix of GermanySeniors511
2011-05-06Pan American ChampionshipSeniors511
2011-03-05World CupSeniors511
2011-02-03Dave Schultz Memorial InternationalSeniors511
2010-11-19New York Athletic Club InternationalSeniors511
2010-10-07Commonwealth GamesSeniors513
2010-09-08World ChampionshipSeniors5115
2010-05-21Grand Prix of GermanySeniors513
2010-03-27World CupSeniors511
2010-02-03Dave Schultz Memorial InternationalSeniors513
2009-09-23World ChampionshipSeniors5124
2009-07-27Golden Grand PrixSeniors5110
2009-05-29Grand Prix of GermanySeniors511
2009-03-21World CupSeniors514
2009-02-05Dave Schultz Memorial InternationalSeniors512
2008-10-11World ChampionshipSeniors515
2008-07-12World University ChampionshipSeniors513

Hometown: Windsor, Ont.
Club: Brock Wrestling Club

Born: December 7, 1984 (age 35)