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Jevon Balfour

Winning a silver medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland as well as winning the Junior National Championships and the Senior National Championships in the same year, are career highlights to date for Balfour. Having started wrestling at the age of 14, Balfour loves staying active with other sports and hanging out with friends. A Brock University student, Balfour remembers losing his first match which made him want to learn and be the best at this “wrestling” thing. Balfour is inspired by his brother, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali.


DateCompetitionAge GroupWeight ClassRank
2018-09-07Waclaw Ziolkowski MemorialSeniors749
2018-07-14Grand Prix of SpainSeniors741
2018-07-07Canada CupSeniors742
2018-05-03Pan American ChampionshipSeniors745
2018-04-12Commonwealth GamesSeniors743
2018-02-15Cerro Pelado InternationalSeniors745
2017-11-25World ChampionshipU237413
2017-08-25World ChampionshipSeniors7424
2017-07-15Grand Prix of SpainSeniors742
2017-07-08Canada CupSeniors741
2017-05-06Pan American ChampionshipSeniors747
2017-01-31Dave Schultz Memorial InternationalSeniors742
2016-05-28Torneo Citta a SassariSeniors743
2015-09-10World ChampionshipSeniors7429
2015-07-15Pan American GamesSeniors745
2015-05-30Torneo Citta a SassariSeniors743
2015-04-26Pan American ChampionshipSeniors742
2014-11-28Henri Deglane ChallengeSeniors745
2014-08-05World ChampionshipJuniors6617
2014-07-29Commonwealth GamesSeniors652
2014-06-27Pan American ChampionshipJuniors663
2014-05-31City of Sassari TournamentSeniors708

Born: December 3, 1994  (age 23)
Hometown: Scarborough, Ont.
Club: Brock Wrestling Club