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Jordan Steen

A Windsor, ON native, in his outstanding rookie season, Steen won seven university tournaments, the Atlantic University Sport championship and the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) title with a perfect 24-0 win-loss record. Steen describes his parents as his greatest influence as they have aspired him to follow his dream of one day representing Canada at the Olympic Games. Steen is most proud of being named a 2016 Olympic alternate, 2016 and 2017 national championships, 2017 Francophone Games championship, and a bronze medal at the 2017 Pan Am championships and now clinching a spot in Tokyo 2021.


  • Who was your wrestling idol growing up? –  I don’t think I ever had one particular wrestling idol growing up, when I first moved to Montreal I was really impressed and excited to train at a club with big names like Gia Sissaouri, George St. Perrie, Martine Dugrenier, David Zilberman and our home town Olympian David Tremblay. All these athletes were people I looked up to.
  • Do you have a pre match routine? – My pre match routine is basically a structured warm up and music a playlist I only listen too on match day. I also like to do a couple knee drags when I first get on the mat.
  • Favorite wrestling moment of your career so far? – Making the Olympic team
  • Best event you have taken part in? – There have been so many good events in my career but I would say either the commonwealth games in Australia or the University games in Russia. I’ve always enjoyed the games atmosphere.
  • Advice for the next generation of wrestlers? – My best piece of advice would be, to remember that learning is a process and if you stay focused and dedicated on yourself and what you need to improve then the results will follow. 
Date Competition Age Group Weight Class Rank
2018-07-07 Canada Cup Seniors 92 1
2018-05-03 Pan American Championship Seniors 97 3
2018-04-12 Commonwealth Games Seniors 97 3
2017-12-07 Club World Championship Seniors Team 10
2017-08-25 World Championship Seniors 86 29
2017-07-22 Jeux de la Francophonie Seniors 86 1
2017-05-27 City of Sassari Tournament Seniors 86 1
2017-05-06 Pan American Championship Seniors 86 3
2016-11-05 Commonwealth Championship Seniors 86 3
2016-10-25 World University Championship Seniors 86 8
2015-06-13 Canada Cup Seniors 86 4
2015-05-30 Torneo Citta a Sassari Seniors 86 3
2014-11-27 Copa Brasil Seniors 86 2
2014-07-05 Canada Cup Seniors 86 1
2014-05-31 City of Sassari Tournament Seniors 86 3
2013-12-05 Commonwealth Championship Seniors 84 3
2013-09-06 Jeux de la Francophonie Seniors 84 2
2013-07-11 World University Games Seniors 84 21
2013-05-31 Golden Grand Prix Seniors 84 5
2012-06-02 Torneo Citta a Sassari Seniors 84 11
2011-08-06 Commonwealth Championship Seniors 84 6

Hometown: Tecumseh, Ont.
Club: Montreal YMHA

Born: June 26, 1991 (age 33)