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Klippan Lady Open – Results

February 20, 2014

Klippan, Sweden


48 kg – Genevieve MORRISON (9/31)
vs. Natasha Kramble (CAN) – W 13-2
vs. Madalina Lingurar (ROM) – W 1-0
vs. Alyssa Lampe (USA) L 0-6

48 kg – Jasmine MIAN (21/31)
vs. Kanae Yamada (JPN) – L 2-6

48 kg – Natasha KRAMBLE (22/31)
vs. Genevieve Morrison (CAN) – L 2-13

53 kg – Vanessa BROWN (5/25)
vs. Zsanett Egyed (HUN) – W 10-0
vs. Maria Gurova (RUS) – L 0-5
vs. Patimat Bagomedova (AZE) – W 8-7
vs. Melanie Lessafre (FRA) – W by forfeit
vs. Tatiana Debien (FRA) – L 4-5

55 kg – Jillian GALLAYS (5/14)
vs. Irina Ologonova (RUS) – W 6-2
vs. Anna Zwirydowsk (POL) – W 13-0
vs. Helen Maroulis (USA) – L 4-10
vs. Sofia Mattsson (SWE) – L 0-4 by fall

58 kg – Braxton STONE-PAPADOPOULOS (3/21) – BRONZE
vs. Mimi Hristova (BUL) – W 22-12
vs. Jazmyne Barker (CAN) – W 5-3
vs. Petra Olli (FIN) – L 5-6
vs. Kayla Miracle (USA) – W 10-0

58 kg – Jazmyne BARKER (8/21)
vs. Zhargalma Tcyrenova (RUS) – W 7-0
vs. Luisa Niemesch (GER) – W 5-1
vs. Braxton Stone-Papadopoulos (CAN) – L 3-5

60 kg – Michelle FAZZARI (2/15) – SILVER
vs. Ramóna Galambos (HUN) – W 3-2
vs. Jennifer Page (USA) – W 3-0
vs. Yoshimi Kayama (JPN) – W 8-4
vs. Yulia Ratkevich (AZE) – L 1-9

63 kg – Danielle LAPPAGE (12/21)
vs. Valeriya Lazinskaya (RUS) – L 4-7

63 kg – Justine BOUCHARD (14/21)
vs. Nadine Weinauge (GER) – L 2-15 by fall

69 kg – Dorothy YEATS (5/18)
vs. Julia Salata (USA) – W 10-0
vs. Randi Miller (USA) – L 8-7 by fall
vs. Veronica Carlson (USA) – W 11-1
vs. Masako Furuichi (JPN) – L 8-10

75 kg – Erica WIEBE (1/12) – GOLD
vs. Patrycja Howis (POL) – W 10-0
vs. Francy Rädeit (GER) – W by fall
vs. Ekaterina Bukina (RUS) – W 5-3

Please CLICK HERE to view video stream for SATURDAY.

Please CLICK HERE to view video stream for SUNDAY.

Post event comments from Women’s National Coach, Leigh Vierling:

This years Klippan tournament in Sweden proved to be a premier event for women’s wrestling. With 25 nations in attendance and multiple entries from Russia, Japan, and USA at each weight it was a great measuring stick for our athletes. I am quite happy with many of the performances here. Truly we have earned or spot as a top wrestling nation and our girls continue to work to be the best. The were many bumps in the road during the competition and some of our athletes didn’t make the adjustments we need to make in order to come out on top. Being disciplined in our approach, staying confident in OUR skills, and reading and reacting to the flow of the match are all areas id like to see improve. Sometimes we have to find an extra gear… and sometimes we need to slow it it down and control the pace. When we do get our chances we need to pursue them with unbelievable determination!

I know ever member of our team has worked tremendously hard to be where they are, I am asking that they work and engage in this process even a little bit more. If they do… we can threaten to be on the podium at any (and all) of the weights at this years worlds championships.

Congratulations to our medalists here, Braxton, and Michelle had very strong efforts and fell just one match short of winning the event. Erica Wiebe had a wild final beating top Russian Ekatrina Bukina (Bukina had beaten wiebe at the FISU Worlds last summer). I am very proud of the entire group as a whole (as always). We need to continue to learn and grow from every time we step on the mat.

Next up is the World cup in Japan for some of our team members. I am excited to travel to Japan where women’s wrestling is held with such respect. This is a dual meet competition with the best eight teams in the World. It is always very exciting to step up program vs program , and nation vs nation!

Our time in Sweden is done and we need to be excited about the weeks and months to come in our Women’s program!