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Safe Sport Information Session

June 18, 2021

WCL’s Safe Sport efforts in 2019-2020 culminated with Town Halls held late November 2020 with officials, athletes, coaches and PTSOs & clubs, with the goal of advancing the dialogue and building consensus and commitment related to the implementation of the Safe Sport Policy Manual. Your feedback confirmed that we were close to consensus on some important topics, but other policy components needed further refinement. A smaller working group has continued to work on these gaps, with the BOD meeting three additional times in 2021 to provide specific direction. The BOD has supported sharing the revised draft Safe Sport Policy Manual for your consideration and support at this time. Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the revised draft, which includes tracked changes and a summary of key changes.

We are scheduling a community wide information session to summarize the final changes and will outline the proposed implementation plan. We are not looking to make any additional revisions, unless significant gaps are raised. Following the info session, the policy manual will be presented to the BOD (with any final revisions) for ratification.

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We are confident that the policy manual better reflects the intentions of our community in providing a safe sporting environment, but recognize that the policy manual is a living document, and will no doubt change in the future as we learn more and as the Safe Sport landscape continues to evolve.