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Say #ThanksCoach during National Coaches Week

September 16, 2023

OTTAWA— September 16 to 24 is National Coaches Week, a time to celebrate the positive impact coaches have on athletes and communities across Canada. This annual campaign, organized by the Coaching Association of Canada, is an opportunity to recognize coaches for the integral role they play, and to take time to say #ThanksCoach.

Each year, thousands of people across Canada take part in National Coaches Week to say #ThanksCoach for their time, effort and generosity. Wrestling Canada Lutte (WCL) fully participates in this week-long celebration because we recognize the importance coaches play in making our sport run at all levels.

Coaching is the most common form of volunteerism in Canada. On average, volunteer coaches dedicate more than 120 hours each year to sport and recreation organizations. What all coaches share is a dedication to their to their communities and promoting values such as respect, diversity, and inclusion.

Wherever there is an athlete, there is a coach. While some coaches start out as athletes, most are parents, teachers, sport fans, and community members who want to be part of a sport they love and make a difference.

Coaches inspire their participants to excel. They lead while building tomorrow’s leaders. Coaches encourage participants of all ages to be active, to challenge themselves, and to have fun.

The contributions coaches make to the success of any sport cannot be understated. That is why we say #ThanksCoach to all the wrestling coaches for giving their time and expertise to make wrestling the great sport that it is!