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Singlets at 2017 Canadian Championships

February 24, 2017

In light of recent changes regarding international uniform guidelines, specifically singlets, Wrestling Canada Lutte (WCL), supported by the Canadian Association of Wrestling Officials (CAWO), will allow athletes to wear traditional and revised singlet colours for the upcoming 2017 Canadian Championships, as specified below. All other regulations regarding singlets will remain in place as per the most current edition of the Canadian Wrestling Rulebook.


Singlet must be 60% majority red or blue. The singlet must NOT be a combination of both colours.


The singlet colour must be based on the club and/or provincial colours. This colour shall make up 60% of the singlet. In addition to these colours, red and blue markings must be incorporated (see below).

To avoid similar colour combinations, only the following colours will be allowed with blue markings: Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Purple, Silver

To avoid similar colour combinations, only the following colours will be allowed with red markings: White, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow, Brown, Gold


Each singlet must have a total of three markings consisting of:

  • Two bands, one on each leg, 7 cm in width, positioned across the bottom edge of the leg. The band must cover the circumference of the leg.
  • One band, 7 cm in width, positioned on the backside of the upper torso, below the athlete’s name if applicable. The band should be exclusively placed on the back half of the singlet, not visible on the front half.
  • The red and blue markings must not include any graphics, logos or third-party identification.

NOTE: Emblems should be either club logos and/or provincial logos. Singlets with emblems of any country other than Canada are prohibited.

Please note that a WCL representative and the on-site head official at each of the respective Championships will have the final authority on approving or rejecting competition singlets at weigh-ins and during competition.