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Update on Report Concerning Independent Review of Coaching Culture at Wrestling Canada Lutte

September 13, 2019


In response to concerns raised by the WCL membership about the coaching culture that exists at Wrestling Canada Lutte (WCL), the Board, with the support of Own The Podium, commissioned a Review of the high performance coaching environment in July 2018 to better understand the nature and extent of the issue. In addition, and more importantly, we wanted to deal proactively with our commitment to safe sport and to better align with our values.

The Report Concerning Independent Review of Coaching Culture for Wrestling Canada Lutte (Report) was prepared by lawyer David Bennett, who was hired to review the current high performance coaching practices within the sport at the national level. The Report was shared with the community on December 3, 2018.

WCL committed to doing a “pulse check” part-way through the year to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments.

Safe Sport – Update Report