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WCL Announces NextGen Central Athlete List

October 21, 2017

(Ottawa, ON) – Following the recent confirmation that WCL was successful in the application for additional NextGen funding for the Central region (Ontario and Quebec), the technical staff set out to finalize the details of the program as well as implementation plans.

Led by High Performance Director Leigh Vierling, WCL consulted with the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association (OAWA) and the Fédération de lutte olympique de Quebec (FLOQ), as well as clubs from the respective provinces this week, to elicit feedback on the program framework as well as goals and objectives surrounding NextGen funding.

Key Expectations for NextGen Funding Support

  • Funds are targeted for athletes with evidence of podium success at the 2024 Olympic Games
  • Funds are to be used for Coaching & Technical Leadership (CTL), Sport Science & Sport Medicine (SSSM), and Training & Competition programming for the targeted athletes
  • Funds are not for building system-wide programs (e.g. Junior National Program, Provincial Teams, etc.)
  • The NextGen program, as part of the broader high performance program, is NSO led and must be evidenced by regular high performance oversight and monitoring protocols, including detailed yearly training plans as well as gap analyses and corresponding mitigating strategies

There is an expectation that this NextGen funding will be available through the remainder of the 2020 quadrennial, however this will be assessed annually by Own the Podium and communicated to WCL accordingly. Current funding will be available until March 31st, 2018.

NextGen Central Athlete Pool (2017-2018)

The athlete pool was selected using criteria based upon multiple performance markers assessed over the past three years, including but not limited to one’s status as a development carded athlete, as well as various identified domestic and international performance results.

WCL is pleased to announce the NextGen Central targeted athlete pool for 2017-2018, as follows:

Freestyle Women
Brouillette, Jessica (Brock WC)
Davis, Jayd (Team Impact WC)
Doogan, Gracelynn (Guelph WC)
Dufour, Jade (Montreal-YMHA WC)
McLaren, Kristina (Brock WC)
Schaefer, Emily (Brock WC)
Slater, Dejah (Team Impact WC)
Taylor, Hannah (Brock WC)
Freestyle Men
Barghout, Aly (Montreal-YMHA WC)
Choquette, Frederick (Montreal-YMHA WC)
Moore, Alex (Montreal-YMHA WC)
Rowe, Tyler (Brock WC)
Williams, Dillon (Team Impact WC)


The athlete pool will be assessed annually and as gold medal profile and podium pathway markers continue to be developed, the athlete selection criteria will be adjusted to reflect these markers.

Individualized programming support for the targeted athletes will be based on mitigating strategies identified in the individual gap analyses.

Program Management

The program will be managed by a new NextGen Coach & Pathway Manager with oversight from the High Performance Director and support by the IST Lead and High Performance Manager. The position will be posted in the coming weeks.

“This is a great opportunity to provide the necessary enhanced support to these athletes who are poised for greater international success,” said Leigh Vierling, HPD. “We are pleased with the support and collaboration from OAWA and FLOQ throughout this process and expect improved alignment with WCL’s overall high performance goals and objectives as a result.”

For more information:
Leigh Vierling
High Performance Director
[email protected]