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WCL Announces NextGen Institute Program Athlete List

December 04, 2017

Calgary – Wrestling Canada Lutte has announced the seven full time wrestlers selected to the NextGen Institute Program athlete pool for the 2017-2018 season.

The program in Calgary is run in partnership with Own the Podium and the Canadian Sport Institute (CSI) – Calgary.

The 2017/18 program will be led by the NextGen Coach – Carol Huynh. Technical oversight will be provided by the WCL High Performance Centre – Calgary High Performance Coach and WCL’s High Performance Director, with support from Canadian Sport Institute staff (IST, planning, and administration) and High Performance Manager where required.

Funds, which will be NextGen Coach directed, are targeted for athletes with evidence of podium success at the 2024 Olympic Games. Funds are to be used for Coaching & Technical Leadership (CTL), Sport Science & Sport Medicine (SSSM), and Training & Competition programming for the targeted athletes. Funds are not for building system-wide programs (e.g. Junior National Program, Provincial Teams, etc.).

The goal of the Wrestling NextGen Program is to support the implementation of Wrestling Canada Lutte’s (WCL) high performance development system at the NextGen level intended to ensure a progressive stream of athletes and coaches are being trained to standards required to win Olympic and World Championship medals. The program is provided in partnership between Wrestling Canada Lutte, Alberta Amateur Wrestling Association, Own the Podium and the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary.


NextGen Institute Program Athlete Pool (2017-2018)

The athlete pool was selected using criteria based upon multiple performance markers assessed over the past three years, including but not limited to one’s status as a development carded athlete, as well as various identified domestic and international performance results.


WCL is pleased to announce the NextGen Institute Program targeted athlete pool for 2017-2018, as follows:


Full Time NGIP Athletes

Temitope Ogunjimi

Hannah Franson

Cara Nania

Amy Bellavia

Tianna Kennett

Connor McNiece

Josh Bodnarchuk*


Additional part time and invited athletes, who are developing and emerging along the Gold Medal Profile/Podium Pathway, will be incorporated in camps and daily training sessions within the NextGen framework.

The athlete pool will be assessed annually and as gold medal profile and podium pathway markers continue to be developed, the athlete selection criteria will be adjusted to reflect these markers.

Individualized programming support for the targeted athletes will be based on mitigating strategies identified in the individual gap analyses.

“The NextGen Institute Program is a great opportunity to provide the necessary enhanced support to these athletes who are on track for international success,” said Leigh Vierling, High Performance Director. “We are pleased with the support and collaboration from OTP, CSI – Calgary and AAWA throughout this process and expect improved alignment with WCL’s overall high performance goals and objectives as a result. WCL is continuing to develop the NextGen objectives and alignment nationally.”


For more information:

Leigh Vierling

High Performance Director

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Julie Beaulieu

High Performance Manager

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