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WCL Interim Vaccine Mandate Update

May 02, 2022

Following a review of various COVID mandates, domestic and international public health
standards and recommendations, the BOD approved revisions the Interim Vaccine Mandate,
effective immediately.

WCL has a responsibility to take all possible reasonable steps to combat the spread of COVID-
19 and to ensure the ongoing safety of our wrestling community, the Board of Directors
approved the implementation of the following interim measures. The goal of WCL’s Vaccine
Mandate is to protect its members and the participants at any WCL in-person sanctioned
activity. However, the COVID situation continues to evolve and change, and WCL is constantly
reviewing the changing environment, and as such, WCL reserves the right to amend its
mandate at any time.

Interim Vaccine Mandate:
• Mandate applies to all athletes, coaches, officials, medical personnel, team support staff,
staff, volunteers and any personnel taking part in WCL in-person sanctioned activities.
The mandate is not being extended to spectators at this time, however, spectators must
follow the guidelines and requirements as established by public health authorities with
respect to vaccination requirements to attend events.
• All individuals seeking accredited participation must be Fully Vaccinated.
• Fully Vaccinated means a status that an individual achieves 14 days after they have
received at least two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine approved by Health Canada (or at least
one dose of the Janssen / Johnson & Johnson vaccine) and strongly recommends the
individual to maintain the recommended number and type of vaccine doses as updated
and required by Heath Canada thereafter.
• Individuals will be required to provide Proof of Vaccination as directed by WCL.
• Proof of Vaccination refers to government issued electronic documentation
demonstrating that an individual has been Fully Vaccinated, along with government
issued photo identification that matches the individual. Vaccination status information
will not be collected or stored after Proof of Vaccination has been verified.
• All additional COVID-19 requirements in effect will be based on applicable health and
safety measures required or recommended by the provincial public health authorities
and related event organization policies.
• When travelling to other countries as sanctioned by WCL, individuals are additionally
required to follow the laws, and comply with applicable COVID-19 health and safety
measures required or recommended issued by local government and related event
organization policies in effect.
• For individuals that travel internationally as sanctioned by WCL, vaccination status must
be available for provision to any parties requiring documentation for travel, international
federations or organizers running competitions or events, or when determined to be
necessary by WCL.
• Any individual who submits fraudulent Proof of Vaccination or any other fraudulent or
misleading information regarding any issue under this mandate will be subject to
discipline pursuant to WCL’s Discipline & Complaints Policy.

Those who cannot provide proof of vaccination will not be permitted Sanctioned Activities
under any circumstances unless they have received written approval from WCL, as follows:
Please note that by applying for an exemption, individuals consent to their request and
supporting documentation being shared and reviewed by a review panel.

Medical Exemption:
• If you are requesting an exemption on a medical condition, you must provide WCL with
a letter from a licensed physician, clearing stating the reason why you should be
exempted from receiving the vaccine. This letter will be considered information in the
consideration of the exemption and does not constitute, in and of itself, an exemption.

Religious / Creed Exemption:
• If you are requesting an exemption on religious belief or creed, you must provide WCL
with any material in support of your religious belief or creed, including a letter of support
from your religious leader, as well as a legal opinion. Please note that generally, there is
no requirement under provincial human rights legislation to accommodate a refusal to
be vaccinated arising from a political belief and/or principle. Political belief, such as the
objection to receiving the vaccination on a principled basis, is not a protected ground
under this legislation. These letters will be considered information in the consideration
of the exemption and does not constitute, in and of itself, an exemption.

Please note that the decision of the review panel is final.