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Wrestling Canada Lutte is seeking final feedback for 2020 Strategic Framework

May 11, 2017

Wrestling Canada Lutte (WCL) reached out to the wrestling community in the fall of 2015 for feedback on targets we would be looking to achieve over the next quadrennial (2017-2020).

Following a review of this feedback, as well as independent reviews and internal debriefs conducted over the last 12-18 months, a FRAMEWORK FOR THE 2020 PLAN was prepared and reviewed by the Board of Directors and the Membership at the 2016 Annual Meetings.

As we begin the new quadrennial, the Board of Directors would like to engage with members, participants and supporters one final time before the framework is presented for approval by the Board and endorsement by the Membership at the 2017 Annual Meetings.

We therefore invite you to take a few moments to provide feedback that will be instrumental in helping inform our priorities and expected targets.

Thank you for your time and ongoing commitment to the growth and development of wrestling in Canada.

The SURVEY will close May 26 (5:00 pm).