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2017 Canada Games Coaching Certification Requirements

September 29, 2016

Coaching Certification Requirements

Please be advised that coaches must have the following MINIMUM elements recorded in their NCCP coach transcripts to be eligible to coach at the 2017 Canada Games, no later than 90 days before the opening of the Games (May 1st, 2017):

Head Coach

Competition-Development “CERTIFIED” Status:

  • Multi-Sport Training (7 modules)
  • Wrestling Specific Training (3 modules)
  • Wrestling Specific Evaluation
  • Make Ethical Decision (Competition-Development) Evaluation

Assistant Coach

Competition-Development “TRAINED” Status:

  • Multi-Sport Training (7 modules)
  • Wrestling Specific Training (3 modules)
  • Make Ethical Decision (Competition-Development) Training OR Evaluation

Multi-Sport Training

Multi-Sport Training Modules are delivered by the Coaching Association of Canada’s network of Provincial and Territorial Coaching Representatives. The seven (7) Competition-Development Multi-Sport Training Modules include:

  • Leading Drug-Free Sport
  • Managing Conflict
  • Coaching & Leading Effectively
  • Psychology of Performance
  • Prevention & Recovery
  • Developing Athletic Abilities
  • Manage a Sport Program

To contact your Provincial and Territorial Coaching Representatives, please visit: http://www.coach.ca/multi-sport-training-s15501.

Make Ethical Decision Training & Evaluation

Make Ethical Decision (MED) Training and Evaluation is delivered by the Coaching Association of Canada. For more information on MED, please visit: http://www.coach.ca/make-ethical-decisions-med–s16834.

Wrestling Specific Training

Wrestling Canada Lutte has been granted Competition-Development “Conditional Approval” status from the Coaching Association of Canada, which permits us to deliver the Wrestling Specific Competition-Development Training Modules.

Wrestling Specific Modules are delivered by the Provincial / Territorial wrestling organizations (PTSOs). The three (3) Wrestling Specific Competition-Development Training Modules include:

  • Performance Planning
  • Advanced Practice Planning
  • Analyze Performance

The list of APPROVED Wrestling Competition-Development Coach Developers that can deliver Wrestling Specific Competition-Development Training and Evaluation include:

  • Buono, Gianni (BC)
  • Dawkins, Owen (AB)
  • Dugrenier, Martine (QC)
  • Ioannides, Vang (AB)
  • Khelifi, Chokri (QC)
  • Lavallee, Grant (ON)
  • McGee, Leo (SK)
  • Moncur, Ron (ON)
  • Parsons, Bob (ON)
  • Sturrock, Gord (BC)
  • Sudermann, Yuri (MB)

To contact your PTSO, please visit: https://wrestling.ca/resources/provincial-territorial-sports-organizations-ptsos.

Wrestling Specific Equivalencies / Transfer of Qualifications

Information on wrestling specific equivalencies and transfer of qualifications will be forthcoming.