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Diana Weicker

A native of Nova Scotia, Weicker is a mother of two boys under the age of three, Aiden and Oliver, and works part-time on weekends and evenings as a registered nurse in pediatrics at the St. Catharines hospital. Diana has a kindred spirit in fellow 2018 Commonwealth Games Team Canada wrestling teammate Jessica MacDonald. The Commonwealth Games will be Weicker’s second major multi-sport games. She represented Canada at the 2013 World University Games.


DateCompetitionAge GroupWeight ClassRank
2018-09-07Poland OpenSeniors535
2018-07-14Grand Prix of SpainSeniors5314
2018-07-07Canada CupSeniors532
2018-04-12Commonwealth GamesSeniors531
2018-03-17World CupSeniorsTeam5
2018-02-23International Ukrainian TournamentSeniors538
2017-08-23World ChampionshipSeniors5512
2017-07-08Canada CupSeniors551

Hometown: Kentville, N.S.
Club: Brock Wrestling Club

Born: May 26, 1989 (age 31)