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Steen’s comeback falls short in repechage match

August 07, 2021

TOKYO – Jordan Steen’s hopes for medal ended with a loss in 97 kg repechage.

It was a dramatic finish for Tecumseh, Ontario’s Steen when he faced off with Italian Abraham de Jesus Conyedo Ruano. The match came down to a scoring play with 12 seconds remaining, which looked to have Steen moving on. However, after a challenge from the Italian side, the points on the play were reduced from four to two, which ultimately sealed Steen’s fate.

“It is a dream for everyone here to come and compete well,” said Steen. “Some people get to come here and live their dream, some people come and it doesn’t go the way they want it to, but it is still an amazing experience.”

As the match began, both sides were jockeying for position and to establish their offence. At the 4:48 mark, Conyedo Ruano scored a two-point takedown, but Steen was able to defend well on the mat to prevent any further points. Conyedo Ruano continued to defend Steen’s attacks and, after another takedown, Steen trailed 4-0 at the break.

The second half began slowly and, with time ticking away, Steen needed to do something big. With 12 seconds on the clock, he looked to score a four-point takedown, squaring the match. However, the Italian side challenged and, after a lengthy review, the play was reduced to two points. From there, Conyedo Ruano was able to hang on for the 4-2 win.

“Even though it was a rough road I have been getting lots of congratulations. The hometown teams are amazing, everyone has been nothing but supportive,” added Steen.

Both Steen and Conyedo Ruano found themselves in the repechage after losses to American Kyle Snyder. Snyder went on to lose to Abdulrashid Sadulaev in the gold medal match. That resulted in a 10th place overall finish for Steen.