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Hall of Fame

The Wrestling Canada Lutte (formerly Canadian Amateur Wrestling) Hall of Fame was established in 1975 to recognize outstanding achievement and contribution to Olympic wrestling in or for Canada.There are two categories of membership in the Hall of Fame:

  • Athlete Category – formally recognizes the achievements of those wrestlers who have represented Canada at major international competitions or Games;
  • Builder Category – formally recognizes the contribution, leadership and abilities of those individuals who participate in the development of wrestling. This category is open to any individual who has served or is serving wrestling as a Coach, an Official, an Administrator, a Manager or a combination of these functions.


Hall of Fame Inductees


1975 Paul Nemeth
1975 Vernon Pettigrew
1977 Fred Oberlander
1979 Kurt Boese
1979 Allan Turnbull
1981 Alex Romaniuk
1983 Orlando Iacovelli
1983 Bill Collings
1985 Dave Pyle
1986 Barry Nye
1991 Dr. Bert Taylor
1991 Dr. Glynn Leyshon
1992 Mike Jones
1992 Bill Mitchell
1993 Frank Corning
1994 Mike Sharratt
1994 Douglas Howard
1995 Lew Martin
1996 Ron Wilson
1996 Mike Eurchuk
1998 Don Marrin
1998 Steve Danier
1999 Mario Saletnig
1999 Tom Inkster
2000 Josip Mrkoci
2000 Toni Stokes
2001 Jim Miller
2002 Kelly Rich
2002 Bill Haliburton
2003 John Barry
2003 Ted Thresher
2004 Kjeld Brodsgaard
2004 Louis Kupsik
2004 Don Thompson
2005 Hank Lyth
2005 Herbert Matis
2005 Dr. A. James MacLachlan
2007 Daniel Robin
2007 Reg Larocque
2008 Victor Zilberman
2011 Bill Dowbiggin
2013 Jay Bradbury
2015 Clive Llewellyn
2016 James Mitchell
2017 William Hogarth
2018 Lee MacKay
2019 Dale Clancy
2019 Nick Cipriano
2019 John Dawson
2023 John Cook

Outstanding Contributor Award

Formally recognizes the contribution, leadership and abilities of those individuals who participate in the sport without thought of reward other than the personal satisfaction of sharing their knowledge.

Outstanding Contributor Award Recipients

1998 Ches Anderson
1998 Ralph Sneyd
1998 Bill Smith
2001 Ed Ashmore
2022 Don Clark